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The History of our Handcrafted Rim Locks

16th February 2024

<h3>Lock Making in Willenhall</h3>

Lock Making in Willenhall

Since the 16th Century, Willenhall has been at the heart of the lock-making industry in Great Britain and this legacy continues to this day.

The industrial revolution cemented Willenhall as the lock making capital and by 1860 around 90% of the locks produced in England came from this West Midlands town. This increased demand created a shift in the industry, with many small, family-run workshops closing in favour of larger factories which were needed to meet the demand; however, the workshops that remained shifted to focus on quality over quantity, and the result was the careful manufacturing of beautiful, hand-crafted locks.

The time-honoured techniques of lock making have since been passed down through generations and can still be seen in the locks crafted in the region today.

<h3>Hand crafted Rim Locks </h3>

Hand crafted Rim Locks

The Quality Lock Company has long been at the centre of the lock industry in Willenhall, and like its predecessors, began as a small family business. Now part of the Croft family, the most skilled craftspeople from the local area carry forth the tradition of hand-crafting premium quality rim locks with the finest materials and the closest attention to detail – all carried out from the heart of Willenhall.

Each lock is manufactured by a skilled locksmith who is a master of the trade; every lock is hand-measured, hand-filed, and individually inspected, with each component hand-crafted from brass. The result of this meticulous process is the creation of beautiful rim locks that adorn some of the finest establishments in the UK and beyond.

The Collections

There are seven key collections of Rim Locks, with each one embodying a different aesthetic.

The Somerford, Beckbury and Kingswood ranges feature classic styles and straight edges which suit a wide variety of interior styles. These Rim Locks elevate interiors by providing a luxurious aesthetic and are adaptable to both modern and traditional homes.

The Décor Collection features unique designs, each of which combines superb craftsmanship and true artistry to create intricate locks that inject character into a home. Each lock is decadent in design, from the floral detailing of the Botanica to the intricate patterning of the Byzantine.

The Draycott range is tactile and industrial in aesthetic. Raw in style and made from cast iron, this lock brings an organic and visually striking element to any home. The Draycott range is versatile and hardwearing, so is well-suited to busy households and older properties

Rim Lock Preservation

Rim Locks are often found in period properties which means that existing original locks can need a new lease of life. Refurbishment is another key service from The Quality Lock Company, and this goes hand in hand with the bespoke offering.

It is important to many period property owners to preserve as much of the history of their home as possible, and that’s where refurbishment is useful. The Quality Lock’s bespoke service provides the option for original locks to be reproduced from drawings or samples, and completely unique designs can also be created this way.

Rim Locks are a unique piece of hardware that bring charm and character to both modern and period properties. Croft and The Quality Lock Company are proud to continue the legacy of our region through the careful craftsmanship of quality locks.

Rim Locks are available in a wide selection of finishes and patinas, with 20 accompanying Rim Knob designs.