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Pocket Door Jamb Bolt


Pocket Door Jamb Bolt

The Pocket Door Jamb Bolt is an easy and effective product designed to prevent the door from opening.

Stylish in design, the jamb bolt acts as a privacy lock and is available in over 25 of our signature finishes and patinas.

Shown here in our Aged Brass finish.

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Production Information

This product is supplied with a strike plate to protect the door frame.

Also available to order, our ACC31 release ferrule to allow access from the exterior

A door jamb should be fitted on the far side of a closed sliding door by the frame. Push the top of the lever until it makes contact to activate. This will prevent the door from opening, and the lever will make contact with the strike plate on the frame of the door. Push the lower end of the lever until it has returned to the original position, and the door will then be able to open.

Please see the video below for a demonstration.

Pocket Door Jamb Bolt
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